Q1 Gold Coast Resorts to Try Out

Gold Coast is a beautiful destination that is rich in fascinating features. There are many best Q1 Spa and Gold Coast resorts available for those visiting this beautiful coastal city. They have got attractive sceneries that vary with each resort. These wide range of resorts, offering a variety of satisfactory services gives customers enough to choose from , and they are able to select what best suits them.

Q1 Resort and Spa

It is Australia’s iconic tower that stands tall at the Gold Coast Beach. It is well known as the tallest residential tower in the world. It is equipped with modern rooms and highly innovative facilities that are capable of turning a holiday into total enjoyment.


Features and Advantages



Q1 Gold Coast Resorts stands at the core of Surfers Paradise, and the distance from the resort to the golden beach is walkable. Some of the city’s most famous places such as Infinity gold Coast, Jet Boat Extreme and Replays Museum are located just a few distance away.


General Business

Guests with social or business functions are able to choose the resort’s meeting and banquet rooms innovatively designed to cater for a variety of events and activities. Visiting Gold Coast can never be complete without an exploration of Bungy Australia, Flycoaster and Jupiter Casino.


Strategically Positioned

It is situated at a strategic point that adds value to the already efficient service that it offers. It is less than a kilometer away from most of the local attraction sites such as Timezone Gold Coast, Wax Museum and Hard Rock Café.



This resort offers rooms ranging from 1-2 bedrooms per apartment and it is upon the customer to pay for what best fits them. These apartments features modern facilities ranging from designer kitchen to a glass enclosed balcony that is private.


Q1 Gold Coast resort is a place to be for those visiting this coastal city. It is worth trying out. The price will vary with the apartment in which a customer choses to stay in.






Margaret River Tours -Things You Will Find There

If for your next holiday vacation you are going on Margaret River tours then here are few of things that you should know that you will find over there.

1. Staircase to the Moon: Between March and October, when conditions are fine, this tourists place in Broome in the North West region experience a natural wonder that is the Staircase to the Moon. This natural phenomenon happens when the full moon rises over bare mudflats of the Roebuck Bay during a low tide that create a stunning optical illusion of the staircase that lead to the moon. It happens for three nights each month from March to October.

2. Dolphins: The warm water of the Western Australia is home to bottlenose dolphins. These cute mammals are spotted along the coastline but there are 4 major regions where the visitors are more likely to see dolphins. The nature of the dolphins’ sighting and interactions differs in each place but most of them offer a certain measure of education and interaction. The interactions with the dolphins are well-supervised and in some of the situations the visitors are able to swim with the dolphins in the open ocean.

3. Whale Migration: In the month of May the whales start its yearly migration. The humpback and southern right whales travel from the food-rick southern ocean to the breeding grounds of North. It then goes back to the south in the month of November to the colder waters in order to grow and mature. There are many of the cruises that are available for watching whales where you are able to look at the whales personal and up-close. There are many purpose-built towers that have been built up to let the visitors watch and record the giants showing off their water skills.

4. Whale Sharks and Coral Spawning: One night of March, under the silver light of the moon, waters of the World Heritage Listed Ningaloo Reef literally come to life. Here, over 200 species of corals spawn. The waters of it are packed with colorful polyps that create the foundations for remarkable change in the life of reef over the next months.

Information About Gold Coast Holiday Rentals

The Gold Coast holiday rentals are a perfect option for you in order to enjoy a beautiful place with your family, friends or corporate group. Fortunately, there are various types of rental accommodation for all types of people. You are able to find a suitable rental at affordable price either you are planning for few days of vacationing during weekend or a long holiday. For the people who are planning to enjoy at Coast for few days, the rental accommodation is one of the superb options for them. From Cadence Cove to Lakeland Keys, Laguna Bay to Crestview waters and even the Sorrento Shores are few of the popular holiday homes options. From the traditional rental accommodation to the resort type, all are available at a reasonable price. It is best for you if you come along with your family to enjoy stunning beaches of the Gold Coast and enjoy a unique climate. Here at the holiday rentals, you are able to find almost all the conveniences that you get at home.

At the Gold Coast Holiday Homes Rentals, almost all of the holiday homes are been positioned near the waterfront that gives a panoramic view to the people staying there. Over here, the Crestview Waters and Cadence Cove are highly popular rental properties. The majority of the tourists choose these rental homes due to magnificent view from indoor area and due to spacious interior. Over here, almost all the home items are been provided to the people in order to make their stay comfortable. On the other hand, the Sorrento Shoes and Lakeland keys are just like a waterfront mansion that looks very stunning. Over here, you are able to enjoy almost all of the luxuries that you get at mansion.

The listed properties are available at the prime locations so that the people are able to enjoy the hot spots of Gold Coast easily. By choosing such places, you as the tourist are able to have great fun by visiting the surfing sites, beautiful beaches, theme parks and other exciting attractions. The vacation planners usually provide detailed information about all the available popular destinations in Gold Coast. By doing this way, you are able to plan your visit in advance.

Is Virgin a Good Provider for Cell Services?

Nowadays, the mobile phones are been used for communication and it is also used for entertainment purpose. One is able to find host of handsets with trendy designs and best of features. The music-enabled options, high-end games and latest imaging abilities have attracted many users worldwide. The network is one of the most important things that one should consider before purchasing a mobile phone. Before selecting any network for your mobile phones, you should first ask your friends or read some online reviews in order to know about the particular network. Are you thinking is Virgin a good provider for cell services? You should read the following to know about Virgin cell service provider.

Quesitons? Forward to Virgin Media Contact Number.

Is Virgin a Good Provider for Cell Services? Things to Know About It


The Virgin Mobile service provider is the most trusted provider for mobile phones that offer a wide range of products and services for mobile phone. It offers a cost-effective tariff plans. Apart from offering lucrative price plans, it also provides seamless connectivity options. The price plans include free texts balance, free minutes balance, reduced price for outgoing calls and others. This network provides handsets from some of the top manufacturers such as Samsung, Nokia, Motorola, LG and Sony Ericsson.


Through Virgin mobile phones, the users are able to enjoy wide array of services and effective communication. The lucrative deals and value added services make it the most popular brand. It offers comprehensive coverage and it has hassle-free options for connectivity. You are able to get amazing tariff plans with exceptional services. By logging in to online shops you are able to browse through wide selection of Virgin mobile phones with astonishing plans and offers. With it, you are also able to get excellent customer service. The people are attracted toward this network due to high quality of customer services. It is just a great value for your money. It offers innovative handsets to its customers that allow them to experience a modern mobile lifestyle. The Virgin phones can be obtained from both online and offline shops at special deals and offers. It offers most reliable network with most incredible services.

Simple Tips To Lose Belly Fat Fast

Nowadays, it is pretty hard to distinguish what’s good and what’s bad in the weight loss industry. As it is a mainly “for profit” industry, there are on the market a lot of products to be bought in order to lose belly fat fast. However, do we really need certain products to lose weight? Shouldn’t this be a physiologic process that could be stimulated in certain conditions? The truth is that you can lose weight fast, not only from the belly, but from all the body. 

The golden rule of losing weight is to burn more calories than we eat. For this we have to keep in mind that our body burs calories in order to sustain its vital systems. This means we also burn calories while we eat, breathe or even sleep. The basal metabolic rate is approximated to be somewhere around 1200-1400 calories per day for the average adult (weighing 70 kilograms/154.32 lbs). That’s the number of calories our body burns passively. Now, for the average person, the daily diet contains 2000-2200 calories or even more, depending on the body weight, level of physical activity, age and so on. In order to reduce the fat percentage, not only should we cut off temporarily the number of calories, but we should also start exercising. 

In fact, if we had to make a list of simple tips to lose belly fat, here is what that list would look like:

  • Spot reduction doesn’t work, therefore there is no reason to do hundreds of crunches all day. In simpler words, you can’t just lose fat from your belly. Training all your body will, however, help you burn more calories, implicitly will help you lose fat from your belly and hips.
  • Drink at least 2-3 liters of water per day. Many people choose to ignore this tip, but staying hydrated helps most of the physiologic processes within our body. Moreover, passing water through our renal systems will burn even more calories.
  • Exercise. It’s the easiest and the healthiest way to lose weight. Not only do we lose weight, but by exercising we improve our cardio-vascular system but also our mental health. Pro tip: the body will continue to burn more calories long time after the workout. 
  • Sleep. It’s important to go to sleep early. The pituitary gland secretes growth hormone (which destroys the fat tissue and helps the body convert it back to carbon, oxygen and energy) somewhere between 11 pm and 1 am, but only if we are asleep. 
  • Take l-carnitine. It’s a safe aminoacid that acts as a transportor for the fat particles. Basically, whenever the fat tissue is destroyed through lypolisis, the fat particles are sent to the cell’s mitochondria, where they are converted into ATP and than into ADP, anorganic phosphate and energy. L-carnitine helps this process, therefore can actually help anyone to lose belly fat faster and more effectively.